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Herb Zinser describes some math and science wars that were predicted by the Isaac Asimov theory

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Isaac Asimov and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra shooting battle at Virginia TECH

  01/13/15 15:38, by admin, Categories: Uncategorized
RD-blog-number-3341 by Herb Zinser   Psychohistory Psychohistory is a  theoretical  science in Isaac Asimov'sFoundation universe which ... etc., and mathematicalstatistics to make general predictions about the… more »

Isaac Asimov psychohistory MODELS help explain murder events that occur within the fabric of the EARTH space / time continnum

  01/13/15 15:35, by admin, Categories: Uncategorized
RD-blog-number-3524 by Herb Zinser   Let's look at several tragic events that are embedded within the EARTH space/time continuum.  The  continuum is like a fabric composed of various types of string theory entities .... that include information strings… more »

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