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Understanding the deeper levels of REALITY messages that may exist in some movies.

The Base 16 hexadecimal movie about SYMBOL MACHINE evolution --> The F Word

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Let's look at the evolution of symbols and such things  as the  Y2K ---> James Joyce 2K data stream of consciousness used by Nature's advanced human bio-computer math and science SYMBOL processors.  Better yet, let's look at a example  .... such as the hexadeciaml movie.

Computerworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Computerworld is an IT magazine that provides information for senior IT leaders. It is published in many countries around the world under the same or similar 

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The F Word is a 2013 Irish-Canadianindependent romantic comedy film directed by Michael Dowseand scripted by Elan Mastai. The screenplay is based on T. J. Dawe and Michael Rinaldi's play Toothpaste and Cigars.
It stars
 Daniel Radcliffe and
 Zoe Kazan

The F Word     follows Wallace, who becomes infatuated with a girl named Chantry, only to discover that she's already dating another man, thus causing their relationship to be put in the "friend zone".

The film had its world premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, and is set to be released in the United Kingdom on 14 February 2014.

Belwo, are the secret codes of the data processing movie  . . . . .with  F --> 15.




The F Word     follows Wallace, who becomes infatuated ........ 

History of Wallace Computer Services, Inc. ? FundingUniverse

Wallace Computer Services, Inc. is a commercial printer and printer of business forms and labels with a history dating back to 1908. In addition, the company ...

The binary human bio-computer social SYSTEM ......  signal ....
Let's use Nature's version of  EN --> Earth Nature Ground language of soil, geography, land, geology --> Earth Nature  Ground --> ENG = ENGlish language   ..... that is ground based  geography and geology languages  That   may be partially mapped into  movie scripts  or mapped into our human  daily lives.

Let's look at an example.  
I am  familiar with basic  computer SYSTEM 370 main frame  concepts from year 1980 thru 1995.   I did applications computer programming  in COBOL computer language . ........ and some  Basic Assembler Language program maintenance.

Now ... its year 2013 ... and I see the movie announcement.    Older and wiser    .......   I  wonder  ..... about symbol "F" ......... the base  16  hex 'F' =15.

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Thus we see some of the  secrets of WALL STREET  hexadecimal tricks   in the movie.

In addition, I look around the geography region I live within   ....... and the SYMBOL identifiers aasociated with various existential entities:  roads, farms, people. business, etc. 

Let's look at the Earth Nature Geography ---> ENG  --> EnGlish language  for Watertown, Wisconsin, USA.



Above, we see Base 16 hexadecimal HIGHWAY 16  .......  the modern bypass around  Watertown.
The original, old  hexadecimal HIGHWAY  16  (that I remember from year 1956)  still exist and goes thru the downtown Watertown  (data bus) business  district  ....... about 10 blocks long.

Around the samll city of Watertown ...... are agriculture  farms  ....... with fields.

In other words ..... BASE 16 HEX'Fa' = 250 --> FA --> FARM  with data fields.

Take for example a   field of  soybeans ---> adata  field of soybeans  ----> data field answer.

Thus we see the COMPUTER EARTH model ..... the SYMBOL MACHINE ..... and a partial  explanation of Nature's system.

Now, let's look at the year 2013 movie signals  ............  and  see if they may relate to  the hexadecimal highway 16  processing region and its humans and their attributes. 

It stars
 Daniel Radcliffe and
 Zoe Kazan

The F Word follows Wallace,

Yes,  I see some names  ... proper  noun correlations .....  that  suggest some intial LINK  (that will need more data for confirmation).   Using the Earth Nature Geography ENG  language

From year  1956   ...   the farm area of the WEST ROAD and County road T

Daniel  --> Daniel K. who attended the Elm Grove Elementary  one-room school house  in 1950.

Radcliffe --> Rad + Cliff + e --> Radio Clifford electronics .... in 1956  a farm boy interested in amateur radio and electronics .....  who later  became a radio engineer in the Southeastern Wisconsin region.

Supplemental data -->  IBM  Bal computer language  instruction CLI --> Compare Logical Immediate.

Thus starting with Nature's  CLUE  via the movie proper  nouns ....  Radio Cliff ...we have pointer to the Clifford Publishing house of the Watertown newspaper,   we have the plane geometry air plane math accident at Clifford Lane/West Road ....... all existences within   Nature's CLI dimension of the Earth CLIMATE   ........ as  we know  from the SKY & Telescope magazine agent ..Monica LewinSKY and  her COMPARE LOGICAL IMMEDIATE  bio-computer research with President CLI (Clinton) 

Zoe --> Z order entry  --> anyone with a  last  name of  Z  (Zabel, Zimmmerman, etc)  ....some signal

Specifically,  in the Watertown/ Milwaukee  region  ...... signal ZOE  ......

Zoe Kazan --->

Zoe  K ...... and the tragic .......

Back to Story - News ? WMTV MobileNews Headlines

Investigators say Lafave and her boyfriend, TravisZoellickmet Haroon Khan in October on the pretense of buying his car. Zoellick killed Khan and stole the ...
. 2 face charges in UWM man's death - Watertown Daily Times Online

Oct 6, 2008 - Zoellick's parents own about20 acres of land and the storage units in the town of Emmet where Khan's body was uncovered. The county ... ?The family and friends of Haroon Khan mourn his very tragic death,? it said. ?Haroon ..

Thus as any movie  LIGHT director  or radio listener  ought know  .... the  symbol machine  CODES ..... 20 ac --> 120 AC volts and EM --> the EARTH ground circuit .......... EM = Electro-Magnetic war  with Farm AC --> Acres.

Glossary: Alternating current & Direct‎

Alternating Current (AC) is a type of electrical current, in which the direction of the flow of electrons switches back and forth at regular intervals or cycles.



Thus we see that the movie ....... is part of an information database  of Nature  ........ and some of its signals   encouraged my brain to  consider  new thoughts, new possibilities ........ and upon my year 2013   examination of  some  of the things around here .. .   I  see  that Nature has  a little puzzle for me and the Watertown / Milwaukee region to figure out.

I believe there  thousands of such  puzzles of Nature awaiting discovery around the world in year 2013. 
Lazy  brain people  ......  that can't be bothered to figure their messages ...... their piece of the puzzle in their area.

Does your last name start with a Z.

Are you Z = atomic number?
Are you Z = math integer undercover agent?
Are you Z = brain impedance electron circuit agent?

Thus we see that humans and human institutions are subsets embedded within the larger multi-faceted dimensions of Nature's expression systems.
Thus we see the EVOLUTION message for Richard Dawkins.

Richard Dawkins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clinton Richard Dawkins, FRS, FRSL (born 26 March 1941) is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and author. He is an emeritus fellow of New College, ...


 Richard Dawkins Cooper Union Shankbone.jpg



Woman Charged In UWM Student's Murder - TODAY'S TMJ4


A Delafield woman is now charged in the murder of a UW-Milwaukee grad student. Tammi LaFave is accused of helping kidnap Haroon Khan. Tuesday, we learned ... Khan was trying to sell his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution carat the time.

How much time was Tammi LaFave sentenced to for her role in the ... ? Miscellaneous ? Popular News

May 29, 2009 - On Oct. 1, 31-year-old Haroon Khan was supposed to show his 2006 ... During a test drive, Zoellick pulled a gun on Khan, drove him in theEvolution to a ... Tammi Lafave was sentenced on felony murder in Milwaukee County ...

Thus we see the various components of the new stage of  Nature's EVOLUTION  (physical entities mixed with symbols and land location proper nouns)  ...... Nature's expression EVENT  that started in Milwaukee with the EVOLUTION automobile that traveled  VIA hexadecimal  highway  16 to Watertown, Wisconsin, USA   ..... to the murder of Haroon Khan in Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory ...application   in the Township of EM (EMMET).

Thus we see a few pieces to  the  HEX'F"  ---> F = Fatal  word signal  of university English departments  ... known to them as the DEATH SENTENCE  ..... used by the publishing industry with Virginia TECH's  English department  approval.