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Herb Zinser describes secret features of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family expression GROUP --> religion.

Earth Lab , organic chemistry LAB Hoods, and the evolution of carbon atoms VIA the carbon black robes of the priestHOOD.

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Nature's views EARTH as a LAB. Let's look at some examples. This blog post gives an organic chemistry example.  .  

Earth LAB expressions --> the Earth molecular social engineering and theology  LAB ... the LAB  Hood extensions.
Earth is like a laboratory ...both physical biology and the Margaret Mead atomic/molecular  nuclear  family societal thought expressions.
A LAB HOOD  within some  university   biology, bio-chemistry and chemistry LABS.
Earth LAB examples.
The DARPA human BRAIN  awareness experiments at earth geography LAB site... the LAB HOOD site ..

What are Chemical Reactions?  What is a social chemistry reaction? 


Chemical reactions occur when bonds are formed or broken between molecules. The number of ... cause chemical reactions. People working in a chemistry lab.


State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics - DICP


Introduction: The research goal of this laboratory is to study important dynamical problems in both elementary and complicated chemical reactions using modern ...


Scientists capture first images of molecules before and after reaction

May 30, 2013 - The ability to image molecular reactions in this way will help not only ... in Spain and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), ...



Images for lab molecule  (SPECIAL carbon black)  reactions


Let's review the  background of  EARTH LAB and Nature's organic chemistry continuum LAB expressions using human lab specimens.
The existence of the carbon 12 social chemistry and carbon atom legal system was well-known in year 1865.

11 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

The twelve jurors were all writing very busily on slates. .... Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court.


The twelve jurors
The twelve jurors
The twelve jurors --> the periodic atomic table legal system for carbon 12  based human society.

the guinea-pigs cheered,
the guinea-pigs cheered,
the guinea-pigs cheered --> Nature's human social science guinea-pigs living on the geography surface of EARTH  LAB

Let's establish a frame of reference and proper some data examples.

Nature's organic chemistry continuum has many formats of expression.  One such FORMAT are atomic carbon based structures with the EARTH LAB identifier label:  humans ...... and their  Margaret Mead carbon nuclear family .... carbon molecule  social chemistry thought and expression system.  Let's look at the carbon atom.



Let's look at carbon black.




carbon black (chemistry) -- Encyclopedia Britannica -

Any of a group of intensely black, finely divided forms of amorphous carbon, usually obtained as soot from partial combustion of hydrocarbons, used principally ...




Let's look at carbon black expression systems  VIA humanoid messenger vehicles.


COMPUTER EARTH system 370  works with Nature's organic chemistry continuum  ( a information  processing region with an address space).

Thus the concept of   "dressed in black"   (dressed   in  black clothes  or a uniform)  implies --> address  (of the black  clothes)  within the EARTH LAB organic chemistry  continuum  and within its COMPUTER EARTH system 370  organic  address space.




Let's look at Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE that uses English language alphabets and words, math and physics equations, chemistry diagrams,  flow charts, etc.

Carbon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Carbon (from Latin: carbo "coal") is the chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6. As a member of group 14 on the periodic table, it is nonmetallic ...




Images for carbon atom symbol


C --> Carbon atom,  H = Hydrogen atom... subset letters... --> spells   --> CatHolic ......



Thus we see the well-kept secret of the American Chemical  Society ....

American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry

Apr 29, 2013 - This is the Official home page of the Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. This site provides resources, information ...



Organic continuum language ..... proper noun ---> Catholic --> subset symbols --> C at H  --> Carbon Hydrogen --> thus
these gentlemen are Hydro-Carbon output signaling  devices for the Nature's expression continuum.





American Chemical Society  .... Division of   carbon social chemistry signals and  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ... atomic theology and  social philosophy expression  rituals

St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish - Changes to Mass Schedule ...

St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish in Gilbert Arizona serving the Catholic ... The  (carbon)  12 o'clock mass takes


St. Dominic's Catholic Church - Northwest Side - San Antonio, TX

See 5 photos and 4 tips from 205 visitors to St. Dominic's Catholic Church. "Father Eric is ...

Father (num)Eric & the choir are amazing @ the (carbon)  12 o'clock mass!!!






Organic Chemistry - American Chemical Society

Organic chemistry is that branch of chemistry that deals with the structure, properties, and reactions of  (human)  compounds that contain carbon. It is a highly creative ......... 

Which  is their configuration message to theoretical chemists?

Are they ..... 

Straight-chain alkanes

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The following is a list of straight-chain and branched alkanes

In another examples .... we have  the organic language example  .....

Small Business Marketing - Business - RaboDirect

Jun 19, 2013 - This is your businesses language and personality, the tone of voice used in ... For example,

n class="st">are you straight talking and honest, funny, quirky or ...



are you straight talking ..... subset letters ..
are you straight..alk..........which really  is ....
are you straight alkane that goes shopping at  retail chain stores..... 


Such interesting secret  social chemistry  and  molecular economic language puzzles.
What is another example of carbon black expression VIA human agents.
This is Nature's the carbon black DOUBLE-BLIND experiment that uses 2 levels of black.



Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible




The levels are ..
1) Catholic in black dress clothes 
2) a black person as the priest wearing the  black clothes  uniform

Why Do Priests Always Wear Black? - The Arlington Catholic Herald



Selma to Montgomery March (1965)

On 25 March 1965, Martin Luther King led thousands of nonviolent  (carbon textbook)  demonstrators


Images for martin luther king march selma

Images for ....................... march sel

Images for  march  (Darwinian molecular) selection map 





Catholic Theological Union of  (Carbon expression atoms)  Confers





Thus we see some  pieces to Nature's  societal philosophy  engineering  puzzle.

Now, lets't look at the LAB HOOD again.

Super-symmetry physics  and Nature's parallel mirrors provide us with the super-symmetry bio-physics equivalent  ... .. HOOD IDENTIFIER  ...
that is social philosophy and theology  INTELLECTUAL specimens living within  EARTH LAB  ...... specimens studying self-awareness and reflecting upon Nature's REALITY and its messages.

The monk robe may be the most versatile and modest garment one could own, but don?t let its simple looks fool you. The person wearing it has most likely earned it through religious, magical or other secretive means. It was a mark of humble accomplishment and immense power. - See more at:

Nature's organic chemistry  evoluton resulted in the message / signaling system with ...  
Let's look a  carbon black expression system  using  humanoid messenger vehicles.
Below, ancient Earth LAB science RD agents doing  LAB HOOD research for Nature's societal studies   .. 

Brownian motion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a simulation of the Brownian motion of a big particle  that ..... Tyndall effect: physical chemistry phenomenon where particles are involved; ...

Adult Friar Tuck Deluxe Hooded Monk Robe

Thus we see Nature's organic  chemistry  continuum and its variety of messages VIA human message displays.
Perhaps, in year 2013 and beyond, some researcher may wish to study Nature's carbon atom, its social engineering project plan,  and its signals .... part of the TOE project (Theory of Everything).
LAB Hood and priests --> Priest  with hood --> Priest HOOD  --> PriestHOOD --> subset alphabet letters PHD.
Thus we see the evolution from 

Middle Ages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Medieval writers divided history into periods such as the  (carbon atomic number 6)  "Six Ages" or the "Four Empires", and considered their time to be the last before the end of the world. 
 into periods such as the  (carbon atomic number 6)  "Six Ages"
 into periods such as the  (carbon atomic number 6)  "Six Ages"
 into periods such as the  (carbon atomic number 6)  "Six Ages"
 into periods such as the  (carbon atomic number 6)  "Six Ages"
 into periods such as the  (carbon atomic number 6)  "Six Ages"
 into periodic atomic table expression periods such as the  (carbon atomic number 6)  "Six Ages"


Middle Ages PriestHooD  and Nature's SYMBOL MAchine EVOLUTION to the year 2013 PHD.

The secret origins of your university professor  and your local minister / priest.


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